Physical, mechanical, and durability properties of ternary blend concrete

Document Type: Article


1 Center for Advanced Research in Environment, School of Civil Engineering, SASTRA University, Thanjavur 613401 India

2 School of Civil Engineering, SASTRA University, Thanjavur 613401, India


Production of high strength concrete with waste utilization attracted more attention of many researchers due to number of benefits in the present scenario. This paper discusses the effect of such waste utilization in strength, durability and structural behavior of high strength concrete by considerably replacing cement. Rice husk ash (RHA) (5 to 15%) and ground granulated blast furnace slag (GGBFS) (20 to 40%) were used as mineral admixtures in three different percentages. The range of replacement of cement with this dual mixture was kept 25% as minimum and 55% as maximum. Strength parameters such as compression & flexure and durability parameters such as sorptivity, porosity and freeze-thaw were studied. All the tests were conducted as per ASTM standards. Ten combinations of ternary mix were tested and among them mix with 30% GGBFS and 5% RHA exhibited better performance at par with control concrete by compromising characteristic compressive strength to an extent of 5%. It also yields better performance in terms of durability characteristics. Hence it was concluded that it could be possible to produce high strength concrete with 35% replacement of cement either with 20% of GGBFS and 15% of RHA or 30% of GGBFS and 5% of RHA.


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