A virtual blind spot identification system (VIBSIM) for construction projects

Document Type: Article


Department of Civil Engineering, Anadolu University, Iki Eylul Campus, 26555 5 Eskisehir, Turkey


The construction industry is recognized as one of the most hazardous industries. Visibility-related accidents are the cause of a significant portion of the total fatalities within the construction industry. Limited visibility due to construction equipment blind spots and a lack of visibility in construction areas such as slab openings are among the main causes of these fatalities. This study introduces the Virtual Blind Spot Identification System (VIBSIM), which was designed to identify and examine blind spots in construction equipment and construction sites. The VIBSIM consists of a three-dimensional point cloud model that uses 3ds Max software in conjunction with a V-Ray rendering motor. A real case is used to validate the applicability of the proposed system. The results indicate that the system can significantly improve safety applications for construction projects. Moreover, the system can aid construction managers in making decisions regarding the better management of such safety applications for construction projects.


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