Effect of Ultra-Fine SiO2 and Metakaolin on High Strength Concrete in Aggressive Environment


School of Civil Engineering, SASTRA University, Thanjavur-613401, India


The behavior of SiO2 and metakaolin in aggressive environment when used separately as a supplementary cementitious material was studied for three different replacement levels: 5%, 10% and 15%. SiO2 and metakaolin were used in two states namely unground and ground (ultra-fine). Ultra-fine state was achieved by subjecting the mineral admixtures to grinding in a planetary ball mill for an optimum period of one hour. The microstructure of the unground and ground mineral admixtures was studied using Scanning Electron Microscope and X-Ray Diffraction. The compressive strength of these systems in normal and aggressive environment was tested after initial curing in water for a month and subsequent curing in acid or base environment for a period of three months to arrive the rate of deterioration. The rate of corrosion in rebars was also determined using Half-cell potential method. The results obtained from the tests were compared with control concrete. From the results it was understood that concrete with 10% ground SiO2 and 5% ground metakaolin provided better resistance to deterioration and corrosion. It also exhibited improved microstructure as well as filler action. Comparing the results of two admixtures, performance of concrete with ground metakaolin found to be better than ground SiO2