Optimization-Based Record Selection Approach for Incremental Dynamic Analysis and Estimation of Fragility Curves

Document Type : Article


Centre of Excellence for Fundamental Studies in Structural Engineering, Iran University of Science and Technology, Narmak, Tehran, Iran



In order to estimate the seismic performance of structures, performing incremental dynamic analysis, and obtaining fragility curves are essential. Since producing these curves is time-consuming due to performing a large number of nonlinear dynamic analyses, the selection of appropriate earthquake ground motion records which give reliable responses with sufficient accuracy is important. Due to the lack of a solid framework, the selection of an appropriate ground motion recordset is still a challenging problem. In this paper, the primary goal is to select a suitable set of records from a general set of records in order to reach reliable limit-state capacities prediction of structures. To achieve this goal, incremental dynamic analysis is conducted for an equivalent single degree of freedom under a general set of records, and an optimization algorithm is employed to solve the problem by minimizing the error between the mean incremental dynamic analysis curves of each selected subset and the mean incremental dynamic analysis curve of a general set of records. The fragility curves obtained by all records and selected ones are compared and the results show that the fragility curves corresponding to the selected records estimate the target fragility curves appropriately.