Performance of CFRP Confined Pultruded GFRP-Concrete Composite Columns Subjected to Cyclic and Monotonic Compressive Loading

Document Type : Article


Department of Civil Engineering, Amirkabir University of Technology, 424 Hafez Ave, Tehran, Iran, P.O. Box: 15875-4413


presented in this paper. The confinement and composite action between the constituent materials result in enhanced compressive strength and ductility of the proposed composite columns compared to traditional reinforced concrete columns. Advantages of FRP products in comparison with other materials include light weight, high specific strength, corrosion resistance, and low maintenance cost. This research showed that pultruded GFRP I-shapes can improve the structural performance of the concrete columns satisfactorily. The effectiveness of discrete and continuous CFRP wrapping arrangements for pultrusion–concrete composite short column subjected to axial compressive loading is assessed in this study. The experimental program is composed of one series of composite columns with discrete wrapping arrangements and one series of full wrapped composite columns. A numerical model was developed to predict the behavior of the FRP-confined composite columns subjected to axial compressive loading. The damage mechanisms of the columns wrapped by the composite layers strongly depend on the chosen materials. The results of finite element models are compared with the data obtained from the carried out experimental program and this comparison showed a good agreement exists between those.