Entropy generation analysis in peristaltic flow of magneto-nanoparticles suspended in water under second order slip conditions

Document Type: Article


1 Department of mathematics Quaid-I-Azam univesity Islamabad

2 Quaid-I-Azam University Islamabad. Pakistan

3 King abdulaziz university Saudi Arabia


Here consideration is given to the peristalsis of magneto- nanoparticles suspended in water. Explicitly water nanofluid is utilized for two-dimensional flow in a symmetric channel with complaint walls. Uniform magnetic field is applied. Temperature equation is arranged for viscous dissipation. Second order velocity and thermal slip conditions are utilized. Small Grashof number leads to perturbation solution. Examination of entropy generation is also carried out in this study. Maxwell and Hamilton-Crosser models are used. Analysis is based on the comparative study of these two models representing the cylindrical and spherical shaped particles. Graphs for velocity, temperature, entropy generation and Bejan numbers are plotted under the influence of sundry variables. Streamlines are also plotted for the sake of trapping phenomenon.