Experimental, analytical, and finite element vibration analyses of delaminated composite plates

Document Type : Article


Department of Mechanical Engineering, International Islamic University, Islamabad, Pakistan


The vibration of the delaminated composites concerns the structure safety and dynamic behavior of the composite structures as it can be vital in the presence of delamination. In this research paper, the finite element simulations, numerical simulations and the experimental work are combined to analyze the vibration behavior at different delamination size, different stacking sequences and different boundary conditions. The finite element analysis software packages like Ansy and Abqus are used to fetch the vibration response of carbon fiber reinforced polymer composite plate for different boundary conditions, stacking sequences and delamination sizes. Experiments are carried out to study the vibration behavior. Numerical results were obtained using the first order shear deformation theory. Rayleigh-Ritz method was used to derive the governing equations to find the natural frequencies and the results were computed using Matlab tool. The results from finite element, numerical and experimental analysis were then compared and verified that the maximum percentage of error is ignorable. It is seen that the natural frequencies of carbon fiber reinforced polymer decreased with an increase in delamination size subjected to all boundary conditions. The higher values of natural frequencies found for all sides clamped boundary conditions.


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