Estimation of general parameters under stratified adaptive cluster sampling based on dual use of auxiliary information

Document Type : Article


Department of Statistics Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan


Auxiliary information is mostly used together with study variable to enhance
efficiency of estimators for population mean, total and variance. Thompson
introduced adaptive cluster sampling as an appropriate sampling scheme for
rare and clustered populations. In present article, difference-type and
difference-cum-exponential-ratio-type estimators are presented utilizing two
auxiliary variables for estimation of general parameter under stratified
adaptive cluster sampling. Proposed estimators utilize auxiliary information
in terms of ranks, variances and means of auxiliary variables in $h^{th}$
stratum. Expressions for bias and mean square error of proposed estimators
are derived using first order of approximation. Numerical study is conducted
to evaluate the performance of proposed estimators.


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