Polygonal Tubular Linear Permanent Magnet Generator Analysis and Experimental Test

Document Type : Article


1 Department of Electrical, Harran University, SANLIURFA, Turkey 63400

2 Gazi University, Faculty of Technology, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Ankara, Turkey


Free piston generators are of interest due to their efficiency,compact construction, homogeneous nature,and multiple options for combustion.Much of the research into this type of generator has been facilitated by highly-developed internal combustion engine technology.This study was concerned with the design and application of tubular generator.The design model was developed using the matrix laboratory graphical user interface (MATLAB GUI) programming tool, and the designed interface was of the dynamic type.The sizing of the generator was determined in accordance with the main parameters specified via the interface. In addition, as a benefit of using sizing data, the automatic geometry was formed and analyzed using ANSYS Maxwell software.The magnets and the dynamic part of the tubular-structured generator were shaped polygonally.Numerical analyses were made by adopting the finite element method in the software, and construction of the prototype model was based on the results from these findings.The generator was excited by use of the crank rod mechanism to imitate the conditions of a functioning free piston mechanism.Current and voltage values were obtained at mechanical frequencies of 10Hz and 20Hz, and this data was subsequently analyzed.Global code translation was given in attachment in order to allow communication between the ANSYS Maxwell and MATLAB GUI software.


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