Effect of hygro-thermal loading on the two-dimensional response of a functionally graded piezomagnetic cylinder under asymmetric loads

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1 School of Mechanical Engineering, University of Science and Technology, Shanghai, East china

2 School of mechanical engineering, East China University of science and technology, Shanghai, China.


In this article, a semi-analytical solution is presented in order to analyze a functionally graded piezomagnetic (FGP) cylinder resting on an elastic foundation exposed to hygro-thermal loading. All mechanical, hygro-thermal and magnetic properties are considered to vary according to the power-law function through the thickness. The steady-state heat conduction and moisture diffusion equations are employed to attain the moisture concentration and temperature distributions in the FGP cylinder. The constitutive equations, and magnetic and mechanical equilibrium equations are combined in order to derive three second-order differential equations in terms of magnetic potential and mechanical displacements. The separation of variables and complex Fourier series method are utilized to solve governing equations. Numerical results reveal the effects of hygro-thermal loading, elastic foundation and non-homogeneity constants on hygro-thermo-magneto-elastic response of the functionally graded piezomagnetic cylinder. It is concluded that hygro-thermal loading has remarkable effects on the behavior of the cylinder leading to increase the absolute values of the radial magnetic induction, radial, circumferential and shear stresses.


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