High Accuracy Power Sharing in Parallel Inverters in an Islanded Microgrid Using Modified Sliding Mode Control Approach

Document Type: Article


1 shiraz University of Technoligy

2 Shiraz University of Technology, Siraz, Islamic Republic of Iran,

3 Shiraz University of Technology, Shiraz, Iran.


Increasing the penetration level of distributed generation (DG) units in micro grids which feeds the large loads in parallel connections creates the concept of power sharing phenomena in recent researches. In island mode of micro grid the voltage and the frequency control are done using the high inertia inverter. Therefore, the internal control loop is executed in such way to avoid all of DGs not to be overloaded. consequently, the reactive power-sharing error is eliminated and the voltage is also kept constant within the permissible range. This paper, presents a modified control method based on sliding mode approach. The proposed control method is tested using several different disturbances and three scenarios. Also, the fractional order calculus is applied to proposed control strategy to increase the convergence speed and the system accuracy. finally, the proposed method is compared to other well-known controlling approaches while the achieved results confirms the superiority of proposed one.