Collapse of reticulated domes: A case study of Talakan oil tank

Document Type : Article


School of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Tehran University, Enghelab Ave., Tehran, Iran


In this paper, instability of single layer reticulated domes is discussed. This purpose is elaborated by a case study on Talakan oil tank dome which is analyzed in this work with research package. This paper provides technical information related to the design, fabrication and collapse of Talakan dome. The secondary paths, especially in unstable buckling, can play an important role in the loss of stability and led to failure of the structure. The authors show that the stiffness of the dome is not adequate to prevent buckling under the prescribed snow loads. It is also shown that the capacity of the dome to resist eccentric snow load is about half of its capacity to resist symmetric snow loads. Although six combinations of load and support fixity are included in design assumptions, considerable attention has been focused on the bifurcation behavior in Talakan dome. The stiffness of the aluminum sheets of the roof cover have not been taken into account in the stability analysis.


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