Artificial accelerograms to estimate damage of dams by using failure criteria

Document Type: Article


Higher Polytechnic School of Avila, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Salamanca (USAL), Avila, Salamanca, Spain


The aim of this paper is to analyse dam’s damage by using two recent methodologies. The first method has been used to define the performance and response curves of concrete gravity dams. The second method defines the seismic input which has been obtained from power spectral density function consistent with the response spectrum. Both methods set themselves as efficient, practical and useful to develop quite complicated analysis as the construction of the stochastic process to define the synthetic earthquake and the estimation of cracks in the dam’s body. These methodologies have been explained and revised to improve their use. The fluid behaviour contained by arch-dams is compared with the fluid behaviour in storage tanks by studying the sloshing phenomenon which is usually neglected for dams. For the mathematical modelling, interactive programming language has been used.


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