Seismic performance of EBFs equipped with an innovative shape memory alloy damper

Document Type : Article


School of Civil Engineering, College of Engineering, University of Tehran


Given their unique characteristics, Shape Memory Alloys (SMAs) have significant potential for use in different areas of engineering. The phase shift characteristics of these alloys allow them to memorize a certain shape, and if deformed, revert back to that shape through a thermal process. Given the vast potentials of SMAs, they can be utilized to address the limitation of conventional eccentrically braced frames (EBFs) with vertical links in order to achieve better residual and maximum interstory drifts. This paper presents a vibration control system equipped with SMAs to achieve improved operational domain. The Compared to conventional EBFs, the proposed system named recentering damping device (RDD) is easy to fabricate and implement and allows for the redesign of fuse members. A numerical analysis is performed for a 9-story steel frame building using nonlinear analysis program OpenSees to evaluate the system performance. Results of time history analysis demonstrate better self-centering behavior and lower residual interstory drifts of the proposed system as compared to EBF.


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