Evaluation of the response modification factor of RC structures constructed with bubble deck system

Document Type : Article


1 Civil Engineering Department., Persian Gulf University, Bushehr, Iran

2 Civil Engineering Department, Near East University, ZIP Code: 99138, Nicosia, North Cyprus, Mersin 10, Turkey

3 Civil Engineering Department., Islamic Azad University of Bushehr, Varzesh Street, P.O. Box: 75196-1955, Bushehr, Iran


As the concrete material is eliminated from the locations situated around the middle of the cross-sections of bubble decks (BDs), the BD type slabs are lighter than the traditional slabs. In the recent researches, the response modification factor (RMF) is generally determined for the reinforced concrete (RC) structures with the moment-resisting frame (MRF) and dual systems. The dual system comprise mainly the MRF with shear wall (MRFSW), as well as the flat slab having chiefly the BD system. In this paper, the evaluation of values of the RMF of RC structures using BD system are submitted. The obtained results indicate that the lateral strengths of buildings increase by increasing the span length to story height ratio (L/H). Besides, the variations of the span length and the number of the story have more effects than the variation of the usage category buildings on the RMF of structures. Furthermore, the span length has more effect than the number of stories in determining RMF in an MRF. Finally, amongst the building with dual system structures including MRFSW, the low-rise building structures have an RMF equal to 5, and both the mid-rise and high-rise building structures have an RMF of 7.


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