Agricultural tractors of the fifth generation

Document Type: Article


1 Azov-Black Sea Engineering Institute of Don State Agricultural University

2 LLC "Research and production inculcation firm "Tenzor-T"


The article deals with the problem of substantiation of mobile power units (MPU) – tractors for agriculture of the fifth generation. This issue is quite relevant. The main purpose of the work is to analyze agricultural tractors of the fifth generation. The authors formulated the main requirements for the ecological balance of the technogenic interaction of MPUs with production processes in agro-ecosystems of grain production in the zonal conditions of South-Russian arid agriculture. Proposals for the creation of new MPUs have been developed; the technological structures of machine aggregates based on the MPU of the fifth generation of classes 3, 5-6 and 8 that determined the technical schemes of the named MPU were determined. Analytical models for calculating the power characteristics of MPU of the named classes in deterministic and stochastic modes in relation to the most energy-intensive operations with definitions of the mathematical expectations of MTA’s power and performance. Also, an analysis of the MTAs effectiveness based on new MPUs upon criterion of the time spent on cultivating crop rotations on the examples of peasant farms and agricultural organizations (APC, CAE, etc.)


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