Optimizing decisions on under- and out-of-warranty products in a finite planning horizon

Document Type : Article


Faculty of Industrial and Systems Engineering, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, Iran


In this paper, we consider a manufacturer that produces products in a finite horizon time and sells products with non-renewing free replacement warranty policy. The manufacturer is responsible to provide spare parts for failed products, whether the products are under or out of warranty. Previous research on warranty optimization has focused on maximizing manufacturer profit without considering the spare part market for out-of-warranty products. This study proposes a novel nonlinear model that maximizes manufacturer profit by optimization of price, warranty length and spare part inventory for under- and out-of-warranty products in a manufacturing/remanufacturing system. Due to the model’s unique structure, we propose a new two-stage approach that combines metaheuristic and an exact method, in which the first stage is to determine product’s prices and warranty length with metaheuristic algorithm and in the second stage the remaining inventory related problem is transferred to a Minimum Cost Network Flow Problem which is solved for spare part inventory control. To illustrate the effectiveness of the suggested method, the model is solved for a case study of Iranian SANAM electronic company with two different metaheuristic algorithms and a sensitivity analysis is conducted to study the effect of various parameters on the optimal solution.


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