Combination of Marx generator and capacitor diode voltage multiplier for pulsed power applications

Document Type : Research Note


Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Kashan, Ghotb-e-Ravandi Blv., Kashan, Iran


Recently, the pulsed power and pulsed electric field systems used in various industries and these systems have found wide applications. For this reason, using the pulsed power generators that in addition to responding to the needs of the user, are providing the advantages of compactness, high flexibility, high repetition rate and cost efficiency is inevitable. In this paper a hybrid solid state pulsed power generator is introduced that is modular and very flexible. This converter which is a combination of Marx and capacitor diode voltage multiplier, is capable of producing high voltage pulses with varying amplitudes at different frequencies. This proposed converter due to having high reliability, low cost, low weight, and structure’s simplicity can cover a wide area of applications. In this paper after introducing the proposed topology, its analytical design is described and its verification is proved by the simulation results in MATLAB\SIMULINK and by presenting the measurement results taken from the experimental prototype in low voltages.


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