Structural control of RC buildings subjected to near-fault ground motions in terms of tuned mass dampers

Document Type : Article


1 Faculty of Civil Engineering, Semnan University, Iran

2 Semnan University


To design a proper structure against earthquake in modern systems, control systems are of special importance. Added passive tuned mass damper is one of such systems which will be discussed in this paper. In this regard, the effect of adding this damper to a 10-floor concrete structure under six near-fault earthquakes is investigated. To do this, a code has been written in MATLAB which receives ground motion record of the occurring earthquake as well as the structure specifications such as matrix of mass, stiffness and damping as an input. As output, it presents time-history of responses for top floor, a diagram for the floor displacement and drift of the structure at the time that the top floor has reached the maximum displacement. Also, these diagrams are compared both when the added damper is present and absent. It is observed that the added passive control of TMD is highly effective in the reduction of structure response against earthquake which in turn depends on the properties of the earthquake and therefore should be chosen based on the site seismic conditions.


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