Master Surgical Scheduling Problem with Multiple Criteria and Robust Estimation

Document Type : Article


Department of Industrial Engineering, K. N. Toosi University of Technology, Tehran 15875/4416, Iran


In this research the master surgical scheduling (MSS) problem at the tactical level of hospital planning and scheduling is studied. Before constructing the MSS, a strategic level problem, i.e. case mix planning problem (CMPP), shall be solved to allocate the capacity of operating room (OR) to each surgical specialty. In order to make an effective coordination between CMPP and MSS, the results obtained from solving the CMPP is used as an input for the respective MSS. In the MSS, frequently performed elective surgeries are planned in a cyclic manner for a pre-defined planning period. As a part of the planning process, it is required to level downstream limited resources such as intensive care unit (ICU) and ward beds with patient flow. In this study, a mathematical model is developed to construct an MSS. The proposed model is based on a lexicographic goal programming approach which is aimed at minimizing the OR spare time while considering the results of the CMPP. In this paper, data required to solve MSS, is collected from a medium-sized Iranian hospital. Hence, a robust estimation method is applied to reduce the effect of outliers in the decision making process. The results testify the performance of the proposed method against the solution put in practice in the hospital.


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