Designing an analog CMOS fuzzy logic controller for the inverted pendulum with a novel triangular membership function

Document Type : Article


1 Electrical and Computer Engineering, Department of Electronics, babol noshirvani university of technology, babol, mazandaran, iran

2 Electrical and Computer Engineering, Department of Electronic, Babol noshirvani university of technology, babol, mazandaran, iran


In this paper,a fuzzy analog controller circuit is provided for the inverted Pendulum problem which resulted in a simple analog circuit simply does the act of controlling without requiring to any processing structure.In other words,in case of constructing the proposed circuit,a small analog chip controls the inverted pendulum.For this purpose,the first step is the study of the dynamic model of the inverted pendulum and then a fuzzy controller is designed systematically.In the following,the number of membership functions and the formation of them are designed.In addition,the different MFs and different numbers are examined for each variable and the most efficient structure is selected as fuzzy controller.To assess efficiency of designed fuzzy controller,the controller is simulated in Simulink and then this design is implemented at transistor level in TSMC 0.18µm CMOS technology.In this work,the MFs,the circuits for realization of the knowledge-based and defuzzification circuits are designed in current mode.The proposed circuits are simulated and evaluated in Advanced Design System software based on CMOS technology.Simulation results show that the inverted pendulum is controlled with high accuracy and high speed,meanwhile the controllers have low power consumption and good robustness to outer large and fast disturbance rather than the previous works.