Usability of arc fault circuit interrupters with network function

Document Type: Article


1 Kyungil University, Hayangup Gyeongsan Gyeongbuk, South Korea

2 Hetko Inc, Gangseo-Gu Seoul, South Korea


The existing arc fault circuit interrupters have the function to interrupt overloads, ground fault, arc fault and all but neither is there the monitoring function to allow external monitoring nor the notification function to notify the fire safety manager. This is a study on arc fault circuit interrupters with the network function that have not been studied so far. We intend to install these arc fault circuit interrupters in places such as server rooms, pigsties, chicken farms, markets, cultural assets, skyscrapers, and facto-ries where large loss may occur if the fire safety managers do not recognize the electricity shutdown in order to increase the efficiency of electricity management. If an overload, a short circuit or an arc is detected while power is supplied to the load, the microprocessor generates a trip signal and cuts off the power by this trip signal. This situation is monitored in real time by ex-ternal monitoring and notified to the fire safety manager. The fire safety manager can immediately recognize the situation where the arc fault circuit interrupter interrupts the circuit and take the necessary action to manage the electricity efficiently.


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