Improvement in the structure of fire alarm systems' alarm bell stop switch

Document Type : Article


Department of Fire Safety, Kyungil University, 38428, 50 Gamasilgil, Hayangup Gyeongsan Gyeongbuk, South Korea


Fire alarm systems are essentially installed in specific firefighting equipment and serve as one of important alarm equipments which senses fire early. The main goal of the study is to find methods for improving the structure of fire alarm needs. This study is about false alarms of fire indicating equipment in fire alarm systems. It is found that false alarms false alarms by fire alarm systems are constantly occurring and fire safety manager is neglecting his duty of work by turning alarm bell stop switch on even during usual times. To prevent this, the alarm bell stop switch should be changed into an automatically resettable manual operation type so that it can automatically reset to its original state even though fire safety manager turns the switch on. As a result, aid in correcting fire safety managers' wrongful practices by making the alarm bell ring whenever an actual fire occurs, and ultimately reduce false alarms by eliminating fundamental causes when false alarms occur.


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