Volume & Issue: Volume 29, Issue 2, Transactions on Mechanical Engineering (B), March and April 2022, Pages 461-611 
1. Prediction of work-rolls failure in hot ring rolling process

Pages 461-477

A. Negahban Boron; A. Maracy; M. Livani; S. M. Nikouei

2. Analysis of loading distribution for SRB and TSRB combined bearing

Pages 478-485

l. Shi; J. Wang; K. Luo; D. Feng; H. Zhang; E. Miao

8. Numerical investigation of circular porous fins effect on natural heat transfer enhancement in an annulus cavity

Pages 572-587

D. Heydarian; M. Vajdi; A. Keyhani-Asl; F. Sadegh Moghanlou; M. Shahedi Asl